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British Cougars

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Now what does a lady in her 40s need to do to catch a fit bloke's attention? I want a gent who knows how to entertain a woman with his words and hands...
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Stop pretending like a gentleman, and send me your dirtiest and naughtiest thoughts now. I am not a decent lady or anything of such kind. I am a wild ...
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People are afraid of falling in love because they might crash into the reality that the other party doesn't feel the same way with them. I hate to adm...
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Sexting has become one my favourite pastime. I always appreciated written words of any form, digital or by hand. Mobile phones used to intimidate me b...
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Sunbathing, though a rarity, is an activity I enjoy to do when I get the chance to. I make sure that I tan evenly so I always do it starkers. I don't ...
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Reading sex stories online is what I do during my free time. It's not that I am addicted to sex, it's just that through reading sex stories, I get to ...
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I'm the perfect example of a party girl. I love staying up late at night while having a great time with fellow party people. Getting drunk until I get...
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I am done with the days of waiting around for my bore of a husband to make a move. It's been years since I've been shagged, bloody well not suffer any...
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