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My husband is an utter bore and I cannot fathom when our sex life died like his sense of humour. Lucky for me that I was given the blessing to shag wh...
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There's a lot of men who came into my life who miserably failed in making me feel satisfied, especially in the bedroom. I am an outspoken lady who wil...
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There's nothing I hate the most than men who cum first before their woman. It is really frustrating to have a bloke who doesn't know how to take a lad...
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I am the kind of woman who is in constant search for someone to communicate with. The man I’m looking for should know how to listen and doesn’t ju...
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I listen to podcasts when I don't want my eyes to get tired from looking at the screen for too long and when I want to learn more about sex and other ...
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I enjoy having a man lick my strawberry cream to his heart's content. Bites and sucks are always welcomed, along with roaming hands that fondle my nau...
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Treat me with care on the streets and disrespect my body under the sheets. I've always had a soft spot with aggressive lads who can make me feel prett...
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Age doesn’t matter. I am a firm believer of that. So no matter how old you are, I will not hesitate to choose you over all the other men who are try...
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I'm a woman who relishes taking care of her man, serious about being in a relationship, passionate, mature and very nurturing. I'm pretty sure that I ...
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